Our Commitment

  • Lorus recognizes the urgency in addressing the need for safe and effective cancer therapies, and is committed to advancing our drug pipeline expeditiously through highly focused preclinical and early clinical development, followed by appropriate licencing agreements to bring our products to market to enhance the quality of life of cancer patients.
  • This commitment to science and quality of life is entirely consistent with our commitment to our shareholders. We believe that our focus on leading-edge effective and well-tolerated drug products that can be used alone or in combination with other cancer regimes has the best potential to fuel our corporate growth and increase shareholder value.

Lorus is a clinical stage cancer drug development company with a strong commitment to discovering and developing innovative molecular targeted therapies addressing major unmet medical needs. Our focus is on cellular targets that are emerging on the leading edge of cancer research and not already widely developed. Our drug pipeline includes Small Molecule products and Immunotherapies that address novel validated cancer targets that spare normal tissue and therefore demonstrate high safety profiles.